bcc: Open Again for a View Things

As beautiful as the building is, without people it is depressing. We are happy to have the first event guests in the building again these days. The turnover in June 2020 will be in the per mille range compared to June last year, but still: everyone is happy that it will start again.

The infection prevention training videos for the employees were evening filling. Some people are looking forward to the next season. Everyone is now familiar with air changes, filters, disinfection strategies and types of gloves and masks. The claim of the bcc is of course: If we are already participating in a pandemic, please do so with know-how and style.

Mouth and nose covers that do not fit well run the risk of being sucked off. Our ventilation systems have always been very good, but are now even better. We now have five to nine air changes per hour in the event areas. Supply and exhaust air are separated. We hope that in spite of extremely clean air there will be some cosiness.

We can seat 240 people in the domed hall in compliance with the current distance regulations. More participants can take part in other areas of the bcc in the meantime. For years the bcc has had powerful IT structures for streaming and video conferencing, but we have also invested here. We are preparing for the fact that in the long run the share of remote participants will increase.

However, current event enquiries suggest that people will want to meet in person again from 2021 onwards – just like before.  At the moment many small events are being requested. If all current requirements are met, several thousand square metres will be needed for check-in, plenary sessions, catering, etc. for just 100 people.

We are happy about real as well as virtual site visits, especially if we can say at the end with relieve: "Yes, that's possible!"

Sarah Fichtmüller and Malte Eisenhardt
Managing Directors

The bcc

Location and Flexibility: Right in the heart of Berlin. Optimal floor configurations, great service and timeless style.

Gross floor space: 10,000 m²
Events: for more than 2,000 participants
Meeting spaces: up to 30
Technology: tomorrow's standards
Catering: methodical and delicious
Equanimity: thanks to our years of experience

Recommended for the effective orchestration of great event concepts.

Conferences & Events

On top of other meetings and events, around 50 large-scale conferences take place every year at the bcc. Each of these attracts between 500 and 1,000 attendees, features expositions from high-profile national and international industry leaders and can last for up to three days. Many of these clients take advantage of the bcc's infrastructure to host their own evening events, including parties and gala dinners.

What we do best

With about 100 permanent employees, we at the bcc consider ourselves an exemplary provider of event-oriented services. We concentrate on those services that we can provide smarter and more efficiently than external companies. All services in the bcc are coordinated with each other – conceptually, technically and aesthetically. The result is a fully-integrated product – much more than the mere combination of space, technology and catering.